FX Signals

FX Signals

You may have heard the hype, how you can make millions of dollars (or whatever FX you’re interested in) by using automated FX signals.  “They” say that the big money and huge profits will come pouring in simply by virtue of using their FX trading system.   “They” will tell you that FX trading is simple.  “They” would have you believe that you will have winning FX trades 100% of the time.  “They” aren’t telling you the whole truth – they’re not even coming close to telling you the whole truth. 

FX trading is not simple (except in theory); in application, it is, rather, a complex, interactive and volatile market.  And the fact is that the vast majority of FX market players will not succeed.  It’s been estimated that nearly 95% of all FX players will lose their investment. 

So, how can you be sure that you’re included in that 5% of the FX players who make money?  That’s easy – by understanding a couple of things. 

First, that automated FX signals is simply an alternate way of trading FX, and it was created simply to make FX trading easier and quicker.  It isn’t a panacea or a magic elixir, because you still have to input your rules or parameters into the software, and it’s your rules and your parameters that could be faulty.

Second, you still need some basic understanding of how FX markets operate?  So you have the correct FX trading tools and equipment; big deal – they’re of little value if you don’t maximize their potential, and the only way you can do that is to know how FX trading works.  There are plenty of websites available that can help you learn how this very interactive and volatile market works, so start figuring that part out.

Third, you need to have the correct mindset as to exactly what the FX signals software can do for you.  Know what you can expect from it, so that you aren’t disappointed if a trade fails.  Remember, you set the rules; the FX signals software merely follows them.

Fourth, set your FX signals trading rules to suit your needs first and your goals second. 

Fifth, modify your FX trading rules if you are not getting the results you need.  While it’s true that markets shift constantly, you must be willing and able to shift with them, when needed. 

Sixth, do a little research using FX news and current events before you set your trades, as your trade parameters might be met nearly instantaneously.   At a minimum, determine which currencies you plan to transaction, and what their values are.

Seventh, FX signals software can do something that humans can’t do, and that is take the emotion out of trading, and for some FX traders, it is their emotions that put them into that 95% bracket.

Eighth, FX signals software is not a scam aimed only at naïve individual investors.  On the contrary, many big corporations derive significant benefits from using it.

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